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Why Built-In Furniture Is the Ideal Choice for Your Home

When selected wisely with thought given to aesthetic and spatial factors, among many others, custom built-in furniture offers an excellent array of benefits. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms or laundry, bespoke designed built-in furniture is an outstanding choice. Here are some of the many benefits to choosing built-in furniture.

Space Maximisation

Unlike mass produced furniture, bespoke built-in cabinets are designed and built to fit the unique spaces of your home. This enables you to select the perfect height, width and depth for the space in which it will be installed and the items that will be stored, making all spaces usable without taking up any space unnecessarily.

Personalised Storage Solutions

Custom-designed built-in cabinets are personalised storage solutions, providing homeowners with the ideal combination of storage elements (shelves, drawers, hanging space, etc.) to meet their lifestyle requirements.

For example, kitchen cabinets can be arranged to provide the perfect combination of drawer and shelve space and enhance the functionality of the kitchen, bathroom shaving cabinets can be placed at a specific height, and built-ins for the laundry can be designed and positioned to allow ample space for folding and ironing clothes.

Built to Last

Unlike cabinets produced on an assembly line, built-in cabinets are designed and manufactured by qualified cabinetmakers with many years’ hands-on experience using high-grade materials selected by the client and time-honoured joinery techniques. This results in furniture that’s of a higher quality, which means it offers greater longevity and greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Blend in with the Décor

Freestanding furniture, although often very beautiful, never blends in with the existing décor the way that built-in furniture does. Built-ins, like wardrobes and media walls, for example, create a smooth transition between spaces and look like a part of the house itself rather than a tacked-on addition, as is often the case with items of freestanding furniture.

Whether contemporary or traditional in style and design, custom-made built-in furniture from Custombuilt Furnishers will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and revolutionise the way you store your possessions at home.